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Exercise Physiology - B.S.

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The Exercise Physiology Program - at the University of Miami is designed for students to acquire a sound knowledge base in the sciences followed by the application of that knowledge base to human movement, exercise, and sports performance.



The undergraduate degree prepares students to pursue immediate employment or graduate-level professional programs in

  • Athletic Training
  • Medicine
  • Physician’s Assistant
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Applied Science Research

Clinical laboratory experiences supplement applied scientific theory in a rigorous academic setting to provide students with hands-on learning opportunities for career success in their chosen field. Numerous research opportunities are available wherein students are involved in hands-on clinical evaluations performed on human subjects.

Exercise Physiology is a stand-alone major/degree in the School of Education and Human Development and may not be pursued as a second major.  Students who wish to consider a minor in Exercise Physiology or Sport Medicine should contact their academic advisors for details.

Students who are interested in pursuing graduate or professional careers in Allied Health sciences typically also enroll in the following courses:

Physical Therapy
Biology 2 semesters [Biology 1&2 lecture and lab]
Physics with lab 2 semesters [Physics 1 & 2 lecture and lab]
Chemistry 8-credit requirement embedded in UG degree
Psychology 1-3 courses [graduate program requirements vary]




2 semesters [Biology 1&2 lecture and lab]

Calculus 1

1 semester college-level calculus or statistics


UM Courses [CHM 113/121, 221/ 205, 222/206]

3 semesters


1 semester college-level

Physics with lab

2 semesters [Physics 1 & 2 lecture and lab]

Behavioral sciences

[Intro to Psychology, ethics, cultural studies, sociology]

1 course in behavioral sciences

Writing courses

2 College-level, credit-earning courses

Research experience


Biomedical ethics / Ethics


Athletic Training


1 semester [Biology 1]


1 semester @ UM [CHM 113/121, 221/ 205, 222/206]


4+1 --Graduate School Options

Undergraduate exercise physiology majors may enroll in up to 6 credits of graduate coursework in their senior year. Students may use those credits to complete the MS in Applied Physiology in a single year at UM.

Interested students should discuss their options with their advisors by the end of the junior year. All candidates’ application materials must meet the admission criteria and deadlines established by the graduate school: "Admissions, Financial Aid and Scholarship".

Program Contact

Undergraduate Advisor:

Dominic Castillejo
Senior Advisor
Undergraduate Academic Services
Room: Merrick Building 312-N