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Sport Administration - B.S.Ed.

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The Sport Administration major at the University of Miami is an undergraduate education program designed to prepare students for careers in the sport industry. The program is committed to the professional development of students so that competencies and skills relevant to the Sport Industry can be acquired over time. Specific competencies in organization, ethics, marketing, leadership and legal issues are emphasized.

Field experience and internships are an essential component of the major. The KIN department is actively engaged in placing students in visible sports settings and appropriate sport environments so that students acquire relevant competencies and gain pragmatic hands-on experiences that are necessary for success in today’s sport industry.


Sport Administration is a 45-credit major leading to a Bachelor of Science in Education. The major requires a 12-15 credit minor in any field.

An exciting component of the program is student participation in field placements and internships in the collegiate, professional, recreational, and fitness industries. Through these pragmatic, hands-on experiences, students build the real-life skills necessary for success in the profession.

Program Contact

Undergraduate Advisor:

Genene Applewhite
Senior Advisor
Undergraduate Academic Services
Room: Merrick Building 312-CC